willy wonka drawing 2Mr. Wilder as Willy Wonka on this Wake and Draw Ep. 19. I like this photo of Willy Wonka because of his playful expression.

This drawing was a lot of fun and it had a challenging expression to try to convey.

I would estimate that about 50% of Willy Wonka’s contented smile is in his eyes. He looks calm, in his element and up to a little mischief.

I put a lot of effort towards showing those characteristics. The sort of contented smiling with reserved joy you find in many of Mr. Wilder’s characters.

The other challenge in drawing Willy Wonka is his iconic Top Hat. Drawing people with hats can be a little difficult sometimes.

Often I make the hat too small for the size of the head.

It helps to think of the hat and head as one object as you start laying in the initial lines of the drawing. This will help avoid the look of a head squeezed into a hat.

willy wonka and-the-chocolate-factory-gene-wilder-1971





In the begining of this Willy Wonka portrait drawing I’m using a combination of the Reilly Head Abstraction method and also Andrew Loomis method. Watts Atelier teaches both of these methods for drawing portraits.

I appreciate you guys watching! Thank you!!!




Free Art Book by Andrew Loomis here…

Free Art Book

I had the image up on my computer screen and drew it free-hand using Conte a Paris 1710B pencil, kneaded eraser and on Smooth Newsprint paper.

Great Links to learn drawing from…

Watts Atelier… https://www.wattsatelier.com/

Jeff Watts… https://www.youtube.com/user/wattsatelier

Erik Gist’s blog… http://deadoftheday.blogspot.com/


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