Wow it has been a long time. I’m back after a long road of life… getting my groove back after a divorce has been trying and a learning experience. I’ll be up front with you. I haven’t been drawing every day like I used to and can feel the drop in dexterity and sight.


In steed of getting down on myself for it I am getting back into it and making videos weekly. Life happens and we carry onward.

It’s an easier load to carry with friends and friends like you guys who have been such a source of inspiration for me here. Thank you so so much for the positive vibes and watching the videos! You guys are the best! I will be making at least one video per week and working daily to build skills.


wake and draw ep 25

Yoni Baker

Bradwynn Jones
Welcome to my blog on drawing techniques I am learning in art school. By focusing on the core attributes of drawing, there is enough time in your day and it's NEVER too late in life. Visit me on

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