In this Wake and Draw Ep. 22 I’m still sick with the Flu but got some drawing in this morning anyways. Drawing made me feel better this morning although I broke out into a sweet at one point in the video. Gross!wake and draw ep. 22

It was a challenge to keep my concentration on point. I hit the curb a bit here and there but it was a lot of fun.

Thanks guys for watching and checking out the Art Supply page and Bookshelf on and draw ep. 22 photo reference

The website traffic has increased a bit and that is really cool. Your purchases through the Amazon links really help keep the site up and going strong.

I am grateful for your support. Thank you very much! New videos every Thursday morning!

I had the image up on my computer screen and drew it free-hand using Conte a Paris 1710B pencil, kneaded eraser and on Smooth Newsprint paper.

Great Links to learn drawing from…

Watts Atelier…

Jeff Watts…

Erik Gist’s blog…

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