Things got weird in this Wake and Draw Ep. 16!! I was feeling restless and excited this morning on my birthday.

I went for a run here at Tamarack beach and was inspired by the charcoal drawings on the sea wall.

Charcoal was left over from bonfires. Not all unlike the The Chauvet Cave drawings? There were funny elephants, big pretty eyes and references to reproductive anatomy.
I collected a few charcoal nuggets off the beach and tested it on corrugated cardboard. The results were promising and I found that my surf wax made the soft charcoal a little darker.

Wake and Draw Ep. 16
I liked the use of the wax overall but it was kind of odd getting control of its application. I may use it again though.

May be I should try a palette knife to apply a mixture of wax and charcoal powder next time.

It has been a while since I drew a figure and so ran into a few challenges along the way. I couldn’t remember all the anatomy terms either. Sorry Jeff Watts! Lol I will get back to studying the back.

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I had the image up on my computer screen and drew it free-hand using Conte a Paris 1710B pencil, bonfire charcoal found in the wild, kneaded eraser, Tuff Stuff eraser, and Corrugated Cardboard of the finest quality money didn’t buy.

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