Smooth Newsprint Paper


The use of Smooth Newsprint Paper with the Conte a Paris 1710 pencil is taught at Watts Atelier. It is such a great combo.

I do most of my drawings and videos using Smooth Newsprint Paper and the Conte a Paris. It’s the perfect couple.

Here is a warning though. First make sure it is Smooth and not regular Newsprint. The regular has too much tooth to it and will fight you when drawing. Smooth Newsprint Paper is the way to go with the Conte a Paris.

Second warning is that Smooth Newsprint Paper is not archival. It will turn yellow fast especially if in direct sun or even on a wall in a sun-lite room.

But this is good because we need to practice and practice and would go broke using archival paper. It’s best to train on the cheap stuff then bring it to the expensive paper. The alternative paper that is archival is Arches 88 Silkscreen paper.

Alternative and very good…