Helix Drawing Boards

Helix drawing boards

I love Helix drawing boards and now have two of them to run between different drawings at the same time. These Helix drawing boards are 18″ X 24″ and light weight.

The metal edges make them super durable too. I recently took one on a plane with me to New York City to see the Sargent Show at the Met.Helix drawing boards 2

The board fits easily into the overhead compartment. I simply placed a cardboard backing over the drawings and added four big clips to hold it all down.

It is also great for using in classes because they are exactly 18″ x 24″ and don’t get banged around as much by other people and their boards. I get less bumps in class and so less interruptions as I’m trying to draw in crowded areas.

clips to use with Helix drawing boards

Best clips for holding your shit together are the ACCO big binder clips. Works best on the Helix drawing boards.

If you can’t “borrow” some from the office no worries they are reasonably cheap. I have a box around somewhere. No. Actually the extras are being used in the kitchen helping to keep my Doritos fresh.