Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Season is here! Cold and foggy nights and time to draw some frights. I couldn’t resist typing that.

I like this time of the year with the weather changing from hot summer to cool Autumn days.

I made this video a couple of years ago as a sort of Happy Halloween decoration for the YouTube channel.

Its a time-lapse drawing of Nosferatu cut with images from the original 1922 Silent Movie and sounds of ghastly screams.

I tried to do the movie justice with the death metal playing, deathly screams and blood. Lots of blood!

I found a image of Nosferatu from the movie and dressed him up like I imagined he would be for an early morning stroll and hunt.

I imagined him taking a fox fur stole from one of his victims and wearing it to stave off the cold night. That fur stole is now matted with coagulated blood and a musty odor of rot.


Bradwynn Jones
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