I’m Drawing Noses on this Wake and Draw Ep. 21

What do I know about noses? Mine is stuffed up from this obnoxious cold.

I hope you can get some basic information on drawing noses out of this video. I focused on drawing the big shape first and then drawing the smaller formations.

My nose anatomy is week and after making this video I will study to strengthen my drawing noses skills.

It’s an easy feature to take for granted and there are several little characteristics with its anatomy that could add more variation to a portrait drawing.drawing noses

I will come back to Drawing Noses later and hit on those little bumps and dips within the nose that makes them so interesting to draw.

I’m currently working through the Andrew Loomis book on drawing the head and hands. He has great information on drawing noses as well.

Keep an eye out for the Loomis videos coming soon. Come join me in the Loomis study group found in the Wake and Draw Forum.

Lets go through the book together. I get WAY more motivated to study when I have friends to study with.


Pencil used is the Conte a Paris 1710B. Kneaded eraser and Smooth Newsprint paper.

Great Links to learn drawing from…

Watts Atelier… https://www.wattsatelier.com/

Jeff Watts… https://www.youtube.com/user/wattsatelier

Erik Gist’s blog… http://deadoftheday.blogspot.com/


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