In this Wake and Draw Ep. 23 titled Drawing Ears I started off with the basic anatomy names of the outer ear and then drew 10 ears from references.drawing ears

Sorry about the sound level recording! It is a little low and off. I was trying so hard to get it out before work today that I messed up on the sound editing.
Also, it was a very noisy drawing session this morning. We had the trains, leaf blowers and car alarms. Fitting background noise for drawing ears.

drawing ears reference

Click for Ear References

I also shared the latest book I purchased by Alphonso Dunn on drawing in Ink. My ink game is week and being that it is InkTober I am feeling left out. Haha I’m inspired to work in ink and sketch book more.

Thanks guys for the kind comments last couple of weeks. I am back from our U.K. trip. It was a lot of fun! Enjoy drawing ears!

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Free Art Book by Andrew Loomis here…

Free Art Book

Ear references linked here…

Ear Picture References

I had the images up on my computer screen and drew it free-hand using Conte a Paris 1710B pencil, kneaded eraser and on Smooth Newsprint paper.

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Watts Atelier…

Jeff Watts…

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