These fundamental techniques in drawing an eye were easy to learn and super fun to use.drawing an eye 4

Lets start by drawing a simple circle representing the eye ball. 

Divide the circle in half with a curved soft shading line with your pencil. This dividing line is called the Core Shadow.eye ig 2

It will be darker than the dark side of our circle drawing. So now we have the circle, a thick soft shading line that is curved and divides the circle in half.

Next step in drawing an eye we fill in the bottom half of the circle with shading that is slightly lighter than the dividing line of shading we just put in.

The Iris and Pupil

Now draw in the iris shape and pupil shape into the center of our circle that now looks three dimensional and more like a ball now. Fill in the pupil very dark.

This will be the darkest dark on your drawing and the highlight will sit next to it.


Now draw a small circle next to your pupil taking care to not draw any shading inside this highlight. The highlight must be as clean and clear as possible.drawing an eye 4

When drawing an eye, think of the highlight sitting on top of a clear glass dome that covers the iris. The iris being the color part of the eye. In my case it would be blue. So a glass dome (cornea) covers the iris and light will reflect off of it very clean and bright.

Reflected Lights | Drawing an Eye

Now we shade in the iris which is shaped concaved like a satellite dish. This causes the side of the iris with the main highlight we just put in to be surrounded by an area of shading darker than the opposite side of the iris.

Like a satellite dish under noon day sun the top will be darker than the bottom. Keep in mind though that your main highlight sitting on that glass dome is still brighter than the lightest part of the iris.

This relationship between the glass dome highlight and light reflecting off the iris satellite dish is the main technique in how to draw eyes that have the three dimensional illusion. Watch the video to get a perfect understanding of how it is done.

Simple shapes of the eye.eye ig

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