In this Wake and Draw Ep. 24 I tried to draw John C. Reilly in a still shot from the movie The Lobster.draw john c. reilly photo reference

It looks more like a cousin of John C. Reilly than John C. Reilly. It was challenging.

I started to get very frustrated and had to gain control of my emotions several times during this drawing.draw john c. reilly

Not being able to achieve a strong likeness and getting frustrated in the video left me feeling vulnerable. I was thinking about not releasing this Wake and Draw because of that.

Then I think it may help to see the rough patches all artist go through during training and practice.

Looking at it all now I see that visiting fundamental head lay-in work again is a great idea.

I will also be more careful to control the values and tone as it seems the drawing was getting lost in the uncontrolled values during the initial phase and it became a struggle to control it later.

Am I too hard on myself? May be so but what else can you do other than desire to be better, practice and weather disappointments when the goal couldn’t be reached yet. Disappointment seems to come along with desire.

It is what it is. Best thing to do may be to acknowledge it and keep a wide view of the events to know it isn’t the end of the world but a natural process of learning, training and practice.

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