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Wake & Draw Ep 29

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Wake and Draw Ep 28

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Wake and Draw Ep 27

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Wake and Draw Ep 26

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Wake and Draw Ep 25

  Wow it has been a long time. I’m back after a long road of life… getting my groove back after a divorce has been trying and a learning experience. I’ll be up front with you. I haven’t been drawing every day like I used to and can feel the drop in dexterity and sight. In steed of getting down on myself for it I am getting back into it...

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Draw John C. Reilly

In this Wake and Draw Ep. 24 I tried to draw John C. Reilly in a still shot from the movie The Lobster. It looks more like a (more…)

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Drawing Ears

In this Wake and Draw Ep. 23 titled Drawing Ears I started off with the basic anatomy names of the outer ear and then (more…)

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